I picked up FOREX trading again after giving up for quite some time. There are lots to relearn. This time around, I am pretty much determined to learn and apply a KISS strategy on a live account straight away.

The balance was about $37. This section is not for me to brag about my performance. But to simply act as a history for me to read this again in future, as well as for those who aspire to trade in the foreign exchange. I believe that it is absolutely possible to succeed even if you start with a small capital. The key here is discipline and consistency.

However, I think there must be a better way for me to improve my trades. It should’nt take a long time frame to close. I am still trying to fine tune the best way for me to open a position, be it a but position or a sell position.

All results here are live trading results. It is up to you whether to believe it or not. The figures are rounded to the nearest number,

  • Initial Capital: $38
  • Balance at the beginning of the month: $38
  • Balance at the end of the month: $130
  • Profit / Loss: $92
  • Performance: + 242.11%
Week 1

Week 1 income

Week 2

Week 2 income

Week 3

Week 3 income