How Would You Like To Get Your Hands On Jack-Of-All-Trades-Master-Of-None?

Yeap, that’s right!

I do not consider myself an introvert, neither do I consider myself an extrovert. I am somewhere in the middle, and I am flexible. I am an all-rounder person whom interest spans many disciplines. Like seriously, I don’t even know what’s my actual interest.

The following pictures below shows some courses that I learnt myself during my free time. A higher percentage of completion may actually indicate a strong interest in that area, or… it may not. Its really hard to say. Its really hard to be me.



Why should you hire me?

Most employers look for someone with related job/experience and are reluctant to hire someone with no relevant work experience. I think that’s itself is a wrong mentality. Let me tell you why.

If one only knows how to do a set of specific skills for the past few years of his work cycle, while he/she might achieve mastery in that domain, as a person itself, he/she failed to grow. On the other hand, someone who learns/do different things at different company he works for, suggest that he has a tremendous latent learning ability, and able to adapt to any situation.

I have a total of about 3 years of experience, in which I worked for 2 different companies mainly.

During my stint with ST, I have developed 35+ modules for an e-courseware, and performed QA for other e-courseware. During my stint with Creative Studio 76, I have developed a few custom apps such as a geolocation based prototype on Arduino, integrated with several shields (components) to simulate clients’ requirements.

I am familiar with front-end development, Arduino, Windows Servers, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, LINUX, Objective-C, C/C++, JAVA, CISCO router configuration (RIP, RIPV2, OSPF, and security rules).

If I can perform the above-mentioned tasks, without prior experience, I believe I can learn any other tasks/skills needed for the job that I am applying for. And I consider myself a generalist first, specialist second, where most people are the other way around.

What are my passions and interests?

That is an extremely hard question for me to answer. Short answer, I don’t have any passion(s). Yeap. That’s right. I know I know. I feel pathetic about it myself. But I really do not have any passion(s), and still trying to figure out one!

Although, my working background was in the development side, I don’t enjoy development work. Its just something that I can do. I had a Diploma in Computer Engineering, and I can do both networking stuff as well as programming stuff. However, I do not enjoy either of them. It just happened to be something that I can do.


Why did I leave my previous job?

I worked with ST Electronics (e-Services) for about 8 months. I was still on probation when I left as they were not able to confirm as their perm staff. Why? I am not so sure why. But this what I think it was.

It get complex here. I was supposed to be posted to SAFTI (one of the army camps). However, on my 3rd month with ST (if I remember correctly), I was posted back to HQ because my second level of security clearance was not approved by MSD (I think it stands for Military Security Department). Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. I don’t have any criminal records, and I served my National Service (NS) with the Singapore Police Force (SPF). It absolutely makes no sense.

The gist of it is that, it seems that Singapore government deemed me as a threat to the nation. Yet, call me to do NS. What a joke!

So, back at the HQ, there was not really specific job that I am supposed to do like in SAFTI. I was asked to help around, with various projects, which I already described previously. Eventually, I left ST because they were not able to confirm me as a permanent staff.

What are my strengths?

  • Organized.
  • Matured.
  • I am usually an optimist.
  • Calm. I do not lose my temper easily.
  • Jack of all trades, master of none. I can learn pretty much anything, and willing to learn.
  • Overall, I have a pleasant character.
  • Good customer service. I was told that my customer service was pretty good during my stint in PLRD, whereby I skipped / did not go for a customer service course as my superior gave me an option whether to go or not, although usually most people go for it. I chose not to go because I think I could handle it and my workloads were really overwhelming.

What are my weaknesses? (This is an extremely hard question)

  • Sometimes, I tend to be afraid of uncertainty. Who doesn’t right?
  • Sometimes, I doubt my own potential.
  • I have no passion?

What do I see myself in 5 years time?

  • I would like to go into a management position or at least a supervising position.
  • I would like to be able to complete my tasks efficiently with little effort.
  • I would like to find stability in my career.

What jobs do I like to do?

This is another difficult question to answer.  Because of my nature, I think I can do many things. However, here are the list that I have prepared that I think, I might be good or be able to perform:

  1. System Analyst
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Software Tester
  4. Database Administrator
  5. Network Engineer

Please note that I have no prior related working experience in the above mentioned position. I am definitely gonna need some sort of training or mentorship, and I am open to other position as well.

Am I open to migration?

Yes, yes, and yes! Provided you would sponsor the visa. Otherwise, if you’d like to test whether am I suitable or not, I can apply for a working-holiday visa too. In fact, the fact that you are seeing this is because I am targeting you!

I am disappointed in Singapore due to my security clearance, and I do not see a future here. I am open to any kind of job that you might require over there. Again, let me stress out that I have served my NS with SPF, and I hold no criminal records.

FAQ: (Shoot me a message should you have any question!)

  • Can we have your resume?

You can download my resume here.

  • Can we have your academic transcripts?

You can download my academic certs here.

  • Can we have your NS transcripts?

You can download my NS transcripts here.

  • Am I open to any other position(s) than the one that I mentioned?

Yes, pretty much anything. Drop me an email with the detailed description of the job, and I’ll let you know. 🙂

  • How do we contact you?

You can drop me an email using the contact form below, or you can also whatsapp me at +65 8165 8457.

Interested in hiring me? Get in touch with me now!