We were throwing out some random short gateway ideas. Or to be exact, I threw out a couple of possibilities in early 2014. I wanted to go to Brunei, Finland, New Zealand, and Perth somewhere in future. I’ve been to Melbourne before in 2013. So, there was not much point going to Melbourne again. I wanted to explore those countries that I am interested in. However, those were just simply wishes. I never put serious thought in it.

Fast forward to somewhere  around late 2014, a friend of mine, Nik asked me whether would I be interested to go to Perth for a short gateway? He wanted to check something out. At that point of time, I was busy with my work and it was also around exam time. So, I said no.

However, something happened in early 2015. I really needed a break. I wanted to get out of Singapore for awhile. I had no idea where to go to. Then, I remembered the Perth suggestion in the previous para. Presuming that Nik still wishes to check something out there in Perth, I asked him the same question he asked me back then. He was ok with the idea of going to Perth as he thought I am the one whom wanted to go to Perth. So, thinking that he still wants to go Perth, I invited another 2 friends of mine to tag along if they are interested. Mann was ok with the idea as he thought Nik wanted to go. So, we purchased 3 tickets, departing from Changi Airport on 30th March 2015, slightly after midnight.

Din was unable to tag along as our timing and duration (30th March 2015 – 8th April 2015) does not match his availability. He went to Vietnam instead. A few days after we purchased the ticket, we started to question each other about the intended destination, and what are we gonna do there. Then.. we realized that none of us actually wanted to go to Perth. In fact, all of us wanted to go to Vietnam.

So, let me put it in a simple term:

  1. I thought Nik wanted to go to Perth.
  2. Nik thought I wanted to go to Perth.
  3. Mann thought both of us wanted to go Perth.

That was…. LEGEND.. if I may say. Teeheee. We were pretty much cool with each other. No one to be blamed here. We all agreed to the “random” suggestion and proceeded with our “unintended” plan.

A quick summary of some expenditure:

  • 3 One-way tickets to Perth by JetStar- $520 SGD.
  • 2 One-way tickets to SG by AirAsia – $442 AUD.
  • My total expenses including plane ticket – +/- 1000 SGD.

I will write more about our journey in the next section.