I know I know.. The title sound catchy. Not exactly my “dream cars”. Its more like, the cars that I want to own some day. Does it mean the same as “dream cars”? Haha. I can’t really tell the difference!

While many of us dream of having Ferraris, Nissan GTRs or whatever super cars out there, I do not give a dam* about it. I don’t really like it. I don’t like speeding. I like to drive in a relax manner. And.. I like it slow ~

At first, I have no preference as to what car(s) I like. However, after my journey to Perth, I fell in love with hatchback type of cars. I kinda like the look of hatchback look-a-like kind of car.

As such, here is the list of the cars that I like at the moment, hopefully, I would be able to own one of it one day:

If you have too many cars, and you feel like giving one, feel free to do so! Teehee!