In today’s post, Imma gonna review in depth my experience with Copy Trade Profit (CPT). When I first started to use this system, I could not find an in-depth review or genuine enough reviews. Most reviews typically just tell you what is CPT about. That’s it. There is no way I was able to find good reviews with proof, or perhaps I did not try enough.

Anyway, I have tested this for quite some time ago, but I could not have the time to write it up as exams were around the corner, considering that I skipped most of my classes this semester since attendance is not necessary as the university is meant for working adults. :p

I’ll start from the beginning..

    1. I was scouring through JVZoo to see which product should I try next since I had the impression that JVZoo hosts a much better quality products than ClickBank. However, I was wrong and I have no idea how to report the vendor. You can have a look at its sales page here.
    2. I joined CPT on the 6th of May 2015, and deposited $250 into BinaryBook.

Joining Date

      1. It took about less than 48 hours for my account to be verified by BinaryBook before I could start trading.
      2. CPT opened about 11 trades in 3 days, from 6/5/2015 – 8/5/2015.
      3. 10 out of 11 were losing trades.losing trades


    1. CPT claimed to have 98% success rate though. Yeah right! 98% success rate of LOSING!success rate


    1. Unanswered email by the one who launched the campaign at JVZoo. Please refrain from saying nasty comments. I was just testing the products knowing the risk that I could lose it all. But if I could get back some funds (which is unlikely), that would be great.CTP Owner
      Unanswered Email


Alright, that’s it for my review. You may decide by yourselves whether or not you want to try it out.

I hope this post is helpful. 🙂